Month View for GTG’s Calendar Plugin

These past couple weeks I implemented a new view for the calendar plugin: the Month View.

Until now, the plugin only displayed a single week. Now the user can switch between views, using the drop-down menu, and select between ‘Week’ or ‘Month’.

This new view has very similar functionalities to the previous one, allowing a task to be dragged/dropped to change its dates, double clicking on it to change its content, and also allowing the creation and deletion of tasks.

Here is a preview of how things are going with the month view, even though it’s not working a 100% yet:month-view

I hope to finish the implementation and fix the issues with this new view soon, in order to be able to integrate it to GTG as well.


3 thoughts on “Month View for GTG’s Calendar Plugin

    • Hey Allan,
      I don’t know if you meant that my calendar plugin is a clone of MacOs’ calendar. If so, I strongly disagree in multiple points.
      1. Although the UI looks similar (they both are calendars after all), the set of functionalities is very different. If you play around for 5 seconds with each of them, this is noticeable. I will take this as a compliment though, as the UI for the MacOs Calendar is much prettier than my own =].
      2. The purpose of both is very different. The calendar in MacOs is exactly that: a calendar. The calendar plugin I am building is to display tasks for people who already use GTG. And those people are certainly not using MacOS =].
      3. Even if points 1 and 2 were false, the calendar in MacOs only works for people who… buy a Mac. You could say the same thing about 100 other open source projects, who aim to make already existing services free and open to anyone who wants them. You could say: ‘why make Open Office, just use Microsoft Word’, etc.
      Thanks for your comment anyway =]

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