GTG plugin: Refactoring, improving and bug-fixing

In the past couple weeks I’ve been refactoring the code of the calendar plugin I’m working on for GTG. I felt this was necessary – even though this step took longer than expected – since this will facilitate the implementation of other different views (as a month view, for instance).

The classes now are better defined and organized, and an aesthetical change is that now the week header is separated from the tasks, meaning the header is fixed even when the content is scrolled. The tasks are also drawn in the same line if there is space for it, instead of one task per line.


I wonder if I should try to create a custom widget for the week view and add it from the glade file, but I’m not sure if that’s the best thing to do. I looked at some tutorials, but for now it will remain as it is.

Another thing that I wanted to use is a Gtk.Stack to cycle between the different views in the future. However, this is only available for GNOME 3.10+, and my version is 3.8. Unfortunately I couldn’t upgrade and make it work, so I think I won’t be using it, at least for now.

The next steps are to implement a month view, then a daily planner (for tasks with hours during the same day). And finally to incorporate everything into GTG.


3 thoughts on “GTG plugin: Refactoring, improving and bug-fixing

  1. Great job so far… this will be a huge improvement for GTG.
    However, i wonder how implementation of other calenders such as Hijri (or any other calender) would be? how you considered making it possible (at least for future)?

    • Thank you Ano! It’s good to know you’re liking it!
      About the support to other different types of calendars, I have to say that it’s not in the plans right now. That’s definitely something to take into consideration in the future, though =]

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