First steps: GTG calendar view

This was the end of my first week working with OPW. And I can say that I’ve done more than I expected, which is exciting! =]

I’m working with GTG in order to implement a plug-in to show tasks in a calendar view (in a Google Calendar fashion).

Until the moment what I accomplished was (along with some screenshots, in case you’re curious about it):



  • Drawing the existing tasks in a week view.
  • Selecting a task to edit or delete it, and also adding new tasks.






  • Making drag and drop work for moving a task around, and also enlarging or shrinking the start/end dates.





  • Making the horizontal scroll go to previous/next days.



Yeah, it’s still ugly, I know! =[ But at the moment I’m not really worried about that. I’ll work on the ’embellishment’ part of it in the near future.

I’m only using cairo to implement it, but I’m still not sure if I should use something else as well (maybe clutter?). If anyone has any suggestions or comments to share, I’d appreciate it =].


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